Monday, 26 August 2013


Libby has been helping me make a plug for molding some glass fibre for the carb covers, I took a couple of photos but they are on the other camera. The clay had got frosted in the winter, so it was really crumbley which didn't really help, but she managed a pretty good basic shape which will have to be smoothed as it dries. From the plug I will make a glass fibre mold, from which I can make the final pieces either in cardon or glass, depending on what I have to hand.

I used an old car battery, to power up the ignition unit, and configure the timing, I have no expertise in this at all, so I tried to gather all information from tuned Rg's on the web, and have gone for an intermediate ignition curve, neither too advanced or too radicale but I am sure I will feel a difference one way or another.

I went for the mauve/reddy one in the middle, with 12 points, I also adjusted the static timing to 30 degrees, as I have the dent advancer installed.

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