Friday, 2 August 2013

Still waiting for rotary disks...

Just a quickie. Jerome at Classic Racing didn't have the correct rivetting tool to setup the carbon disks after having cut them to the new profile, so he had to buy the correct tool, so another 5 days wasted. I am still waiting to hear from him, hopefully in time for Ledenon on the 10/11th August.

I still need to :-
  1. Align the new fairing and drill the fixing holes and fit some fasteners
  2. Continue to finish the engine (I am up to the barrels) and new some (ordered) O'rings to fit the heads and finish the engine.
  3. Setup the new carbs dependant on getting the rotary disks (going for 280/290 front/back initially)
  4. Fit the new carbs with hopefully standard cables and springs
  5. Fit the new choke to handlebar...
  6. Make a wedge to lift the Nr. 3 carb away from the rotor
  7. Setup the zeeltronic ignition to retard the startup timing.
Looking dodgy with all that to do, but will try and get it finished!

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