Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Technical Update - Pickup, fairing molds etc...

Been busy in the garage again, trying to get the RG started. Since installing my Dent pickup I have only managed to start it once - after much sweating on the kickstart!  And even then it didn't run right. Mark actually replied to my email, although just reassuring me that it would work - if the gap was right. I will wait 'til after the Magny-Cours weekend before playing with it again. He didn't tell me what the gap should be, but discussions on the Gamma list would lead me to testing with the plugs out and trying different gaps, until I can get a decent signal from it. Have re-installed the original one which fired the bike first time, I quickly checked the carbs (balance), and adjusted the tickover slightly - I will need to do this again before packing the bike in the van.

I need to remember to switch ignition programs.....

As far as the molds are going I couldn't remove the clay plugs without damaging them, so I just soaked them in water, and they came out as liquid mud! The molds are OK... still a few bubbles and stuff but they are alright for a first go - I am sure I will have to create some more.

Anyway you can see them here with 2 layers of carbon weave which will have to be trimmed off this evening and then I need to think about how I am going to attach them to the fairing.

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