Monday, 18 June 2018

100k service

Well if you didn't see my post on Facebook, I hit the 100k Kms on my Daytona last week, so big service time! Basically everything needs doing, I have ordered everything from and an Pipercross air filter from eBay. I have so far busied myself with changing all the fluids, oil and filter, coolant, brake fluid (front& back) today I got some 10 weight fork oil. The forks hold 589ccs in each leg with an air gap of 76mms, I managed to get in 580 in each leg taking it up to 76mms, first time I've used Ipone fork oil we'll see what it's worth.

I am travelling to Paris tomorrow, so I will do the remaining stuff when I get back - valves, air filter and plugs and I'll have a look at the rear suspension linkages as they are prone to rust up.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Rd350 first start

Happy the 350 started 4th kick! I even checked the gears up to second and all seems to be in order. I checked the float height on both carbs and they were both the same at 24mms, so I will just have to see if it starts to leak fuel again. The right hand piepe was full of petrol and both crankcases were well full, so fuel had obviously leaked its way past the Reed valves and into the bottom end. I'll keep an eye on it. The attached picture is of base gaskets that I cut out of gasket paper, coz the ones that came from Norbo were too thin, this has an impact on the squish setting so you can't afford to mess with losing 0.2 mms!

The Triumph is slowly coming apart, the shopping list and chrome and paint list are getting longer.....

Friday, 15 June 2018

Triumph T140

Well I proposed to customer Nr1. To come back and have a complete restore on his T140 Triumph Bonneville. He had stored the bike in a garage but it was covered in bird shit, so a good clean was the first task, I have found a guy that will stove enamel the frame, and a potentiel chromer for the shiny bits so I am starting the strip down and the shopping list, of course the wiring is a worry as I don't have a diagram and despite taking many photos it is going to be a challenge getting it back working, I am planning on using LP Williams for parts as they were great the first time round, although they don't have silencers for it so will have to source them elsewhere.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

RD350 gearbox

The 350 was jumping out of second at the end of the season, so I decided it was time to get in there. I had bought a second hand main and secondary shaft which was in pretty good nick, although no selectors forks (which I thought would be the problem!), Anyway no problems removing the engine although I did have to improvise a little to get the clutch out as I removed the chain a bit early, however all as expected.

The second gear on the output shaft was pretty worn and the selector forks looked perdendicular to the shaft so they were left alone. However I separated out multiple gears where the dogs were looking a bit worn or as like the second gear the teeth were actually worn.

All went back in and I could've finished today however I broke one of the base gaskets and I didn't have a spare, so I have ordered one from Norbo (RDLC Crazy).

Monday, 14 May 2018

Kawa finished

OK I am pretty sure the Kawasaki is as far along as I can get it. It starts, rides, pops and farts a little, but can't seem to get it any better. Anyway I need the space so it's going back soon!

I haven't done much on the 888 except clean stuff, which is good as this is just what it needs. The new oil has picked up some of the moisture in the old oil, so I am trying to take a decision as to whether I swap it out again - I think we all know the answer to that one! Still waiting for the registration document to get it insured.

I had Philippe's BMW in the workshop the other day, as it refused to start. It turns out the "newish" ignition switch electrics had fallen out and therefore you could turn the key but nothing really happened. So with that sorted and new brake fluid it's back to Philippe.

After my mistake when installing my USB port on the Daytona it appears that the rectifier blew! I have found a second hand one but still waiting for the deal to be done, so it is off the road! I would have liked to swap it out for a MOSFET reg/rec but over 100 euros so I will make do with a second hand one for the time being.

It's my last week at MotoLabo this week and one more week in Paris - can't wait!

Technical Update and new Ducati

We'll it has been along time! My studies and work in the garage have taken priority. I mentioned I took in a Kawasaki KZ750 twin, to get it started, the big problem with old bikes - this one 1976 is that everything rubber has perished so as soon as you touch something you inevitably end up replacing the rubbers, so as well as changing out the battery, filters, engine oil, fork oil and brake fluid, and changing the head gasket and doing the valve clearances, I also ended up, regrinding the valves (2 were leaky) and installing a new brake master cylinder kit. Currently the only job left is to sort out an electrical issue with the indicators, a new relay is on order!

I have finished the RG, this time I had 2 sets of cranks rebuilt with thrust washers on the crank rather than at the small end. I used one crank at the front and left the rear crank as was, because the pistons need changing with the new cranks, and as the crank at the rear had not failed the pistons are still OK. I understand what I mean! So have 2 new Wossner +50 pistons at the front running on a newly built crank. The guy who built the cranks (a guy from Meyrieux) didn't use Suzuki bearings and recommended using a bearing cement Locktite to fix them in position. He should know what he is talking about so..... I have rebuilt the bike completely although a dodgy stud at the front, may need looking at later.

The new bike in the garage is a Ducati 888, the result of a divorce settlement, the bike has spent it's last year in a garden covered with a plastic tarp. The bike is basically sound but pretty grubby, lots of rusty bolts etc, but will hopefully be shiny to use this summer and sell on this Autumn or next spring. I have cleaned it up, and so far changed the brake fluid and clutch fluid, and changed out the fuel filter, the tank was a very dirty looking rust colour, but on further inspection it has already been treated with an epoxy covering so it will just get swilled out refitted. The fuel filter is a KL145 (same as the Daytona and BMW K100. When I was messing in the tank a wire broke off the fuel pump so had to get that out, it is just in a rubber holder, I crimped on a new terminal, and filter. To get access to the gubbins, you have to remove the fuel cap, which has a green viton o ring and also a black rubber gasket which keeps out water. Getting the cap back in was a challenge, but with the help of some silicone grease, it eventually went in although it's on the bonk so will have to be loosened off again to turn it slightly.

When the Ducati is running I will use it for the summer and the next job is to rebuild the 350 engine, it was slipping out of second gear and also a weird problem with fuel leaking so both of these need fixing.

Friday, 29 December 2017

KZ750 Restart

As I may have mentioned I have a KZ750 twin in the garage with the goal of restarting it and getting it road worthy.

Bled the brakes and pushed through some new fluid, drained the oil, and today I measured the valve clearances and prepared for removing the cylinder head. The head was leaking oil from the left hand side, the Kawasaki has oil ways sealed by o rings the move the oil into the cam chamber, and I think it is leaking from there. I hope I will see the damaged O ring tomorrow when I get the head off.

On another subject I removed and cleaned the RD350 's carbs and the 500 is a part awaiting for a rebuild. I have made contact with a guy who can rebuild the cranks with the thrust washers at the big end.