Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fairing modifications

So, the carbs are on and functional (we will test later!). The next big task is to modify the fairing so that the carbs can breathe. Carbs 1 & 2 are about 2 cms away from the fairing sides, so probably OK, but the top ones i.e. 3 & 4 are touching the fairing, so will have to be liberated!

I used my best judgement to centre the holes and then drilled with a circular (plaster board) drill to make the big holes the same size as the bell mouths. Because the carb 3 is angled up, it is in a slightly different place than the carb Nr. 4. so not symetrical....

So now I have all carbs that can breathe, the question now is how do I protect the bell mouths from low pressure zones created as the bike moves along, I would like to get some still/protected air around the bell mouth area if possible.

All suggestions of putting a yogurt pot over the end will be deleted immediately!

Next job - see if she starts and program the ignition to enable easy starting and good running.

Just for the record the carbs are setup with 280/290s front/back. They originally came with 240's in them.

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