Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wedge finished

Had fun this morning setting up the 4 jaw chuck on the lathe in order to bore the hole in my wedge for Nr. 3 carb. Worked out OK although I need to buy a dial gauge in order to do things properly, managed to drill the initial hole and then, used the boring tool to make it bigger. It was a real pain to get it to the correct height in order to have a cutting edge without the body of the tool hitting the periphery of the hole.

Anyway that is fitted and the carb misses the rotor by about 2 mms so I think that is job done!

The disappointment of the day is that there is no way that the standard fairing will fit, on carbs 1 and 2 the carbs won't even fit with the fairing brackets in place. I need to think about how i can modify the fairing to fit!

Anyway onto the cable lengths for the new carbs!

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