Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Modifying the RG frame

As you may remember I bought a second hand frame when I was getting my old one straightened. Well it wasn't a fantastic purchase as the sub frame had been altered and it wasn't at all straight, so I set about straightening it today.

I don't know if the previous owner wanted a different angle for his rear end or what, but the left hand strut had been cut and rewelded at the wrong angle, he had also removed the supporting struts from both sides, and replaced them on one side with a piece of plate, all pretty badly welded.
I cut loose the plate, and cut through the upper strut where it had been welded, I then had enough flexibility in the strut to bend it into position.

I am buying some 20x20x2 square aluminium tube which I will use to replace the diagonale struts to support the weight.

I will followup with more photos when I get the tube.

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