Friday, 7 July 2017

Jets & needles

42 mms of free cable length

The RG ran really well on Tuesday (best for a long time), but I still felt it could have an easier transition from off pipe to on pipe.

It was at the top clip position and I wanted to lean it off, but already at the top that was impossible due to being at the top clip position, so against my better judgement I raised the needle one clip position, it revs nicely on the stand but I really need to test again.

I also moved the FZR  needles up to richen it up, I took it for a test drive and it had really improved and the new rear BT45 has all but cured any white lining. I think I am at the best setup for the 600, although it still vibrates significantly at high revs.... Maybe jetting up more would smooth it out or balancing the carbs again....

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