Monday, 1 March 2010

It lives....

Managed to get out and put a second coat on the trailer again on Saturday, but the weather was closing in and we were in for a storm Saturday evening, so it was a rush to complete. Still I managed a second coat on the rear - enabling me to refit the lights, number plate etc.., and a first coat on one side.

I finished some small jobs on the bike, got the exhausts, battery (charged) fitted, and I was ready to start her up in the afternoon, but I was knackered, so I left it to Sunday morning! It started 5-6 kick, but only on 2 or 3 cylinders, plus the carb slide on nr. 2 was sticking, I sorted that out, and then it ran on four cylinders, I used my new carb air flow tool to balance the carbs, and the bike would tick over no problem - I think that was a good purchase!

I ran the bike until it was warm, and then noticed it was leaking coolant from the top of the radiator. I let it cool down, and managed to paint a second coat on one side, and then turn the trailer so I could put a first coat on the other side. I re-torqued up the cylinder head nuts and bolts, and re-tightened the radiator hoses, and then let the bike run for 15 minutes. There was also a slight leak from the front exhausts, so again I waited until it had cooled down, and re-fitted the exhausts, with plenty of high temperature silicon sealer.

I managed to get a second coat of paint on the second side of the trailer, so apart from the top it has had two coats all over. I managed to persuade Oliver to design some more interesting paintwork for the sides, so we will see if we can put that on before the end of March (first race). 

The weather forecast is good for next Sunday, so I intend to take the bike to Ledenon for running in, and carb fettling. Speak to you soon.

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