Monday, 22 March 2010

it's raining again.....

Well it looks like the bike will get a good washing this coming weekend. The first weekends racing looks to be taking place under rain (the whole 3 days!)..... Well at least as I will be finishing running in it won't affect me too much, except of course I will get wet. 

I have managed to run the bike a couple of times up and down the road. The first time it was not running right at all, but taking off the carbs, checking the rotary disks, and putting it back together (and new plugs), seems to have it running right now, although I have no idea of whether my jetting is right. I have put the trunks back on the carbs, because the road outside my place is very stony and I was seriously worried about breathing in some gravel.

So we are ready to rock, I only hope I can put in sufficient laps on the Friday (free practise) to be able to open her up sufficiently for the races on Saturday and Sunday. I will be happy if I can beat the lap times I managed on the 350, which should be feasible given that Le Mans is a fairly fast circuit.

Anyway I will put the results on line on Monday, next week.

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