Sunday, 21 February 2010


Skiing was great, but back to reality, and in the garage again today (Sunday). Managed to fit my carbs, and fit my gear change support, which should finally make my gear changes improve (I hope), and although I managed to munch a screw, which will need replacing everything went to plan, also refitted my original radiator, as I don't think I have time to fit the bigger one I had bought off ebay. I also discovered that the gearbox sprockets I had bought do not fit, as I need to have an offset sprocket and the ones I bought did not have the offset shoulder...... I will try to resell them.

Took a photo of my heel protector for a guy on the Pro Classic forum here :-

Should get the bike finished next weekend, I just hope it gets warm enough to finish painting the trailer. Speak to you soon.

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