Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ready to go....

Well, the trailer is getting loaded up, the bike is 99% ready, and nearly run-in - I must have run her at least 100 times up the small road behind the house. I am still not happy with the seat padding... but it will do for this weekend's testing.

The goal of the weekend is to finish running-in and test out which programs perform the best (for the ignition and pwervalve) there are 5 standard ignition curves and 5 power valve programs to try out. Plus I need to get my jetting dialed in. I think my needles may need lowering as it seems to run rich at mid revs, although the plugs are looking dryer at higher revs, so the main jets are probably quite good.

This will be the first time I use my new car with the trailer this weekend, and as I have already broken down 3 times (only done 2000kms) it may be quite an adventure this weekend.

Hopefully I will have some photos from the weekends testing, and cross your fingers for no engine problems so close to the start of the season at PAU next weekend! (12 and 13 April)

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