Friday, 22 June 2018

100k Service Daytona

So back from Paris after 1100 kms aller retour! Bike seems to be surging a little and pinking quite a lot, hopefully finishing the service will resolve this.

So yesterday, tank off, airbox off, valve cover off, to check the valves, all perfect! I suppose  I ought to happy otherwise it's cams out, but you know a lot of work for nothing but peace of mind! Still good to know that after 100K kms, no valve clearances have moved - I have never changed a shim on this bike!

I spent about an hour cleaning up the rubber gasket and cover and then liberal use of silicon sealer and on it goes, and believe it or not it didn't leak!
The trick is to stick the rubber gasket to the cover and then put in the left side first and then the RHS, can't say I didn't get sealant everywhere but it eventually went on.

New plugs and then to balance the throttle bodies, now I am sure I have done this before, but I couldn't find my post so had to read the book a bit.

Basically you disconnect the air pipes from the IACV (little device that controls air input during startup and then control idle) - you are supposed to put in T pieces so you can connect the vacuum gauges and IACV at the same time, but I stuck the vacuum hoses directly in the pipes effectively disabling the IACV.

To start the bike you need to hold a steady (just open throttle) and not let it drop as the idle is no longer controlled. The balance is then done on each cylinder (no reference) with a type of air screw between each throttle body. They don't seem to have any impact on the butterfly valves.... hmmm.... As a consequence it didn't seem to have any impact on the vacuum at all whether I shifted clockwise or anti clockwise. This can not be right!

After much fiddling I think I need to buy some T pieces and try again, although I have no recollection of doing this in the past.....

Anyway, new filter and then back together and all is well. I still have a problem with the fuel level sender so I think the tank will be off again soon, as I will need to find a solution to that - the bodges on the Triumph forum don't appear to have worked!
amazing what you can do with a mobile phone take pictures where you eyes can not see!

Throttle balancing screws

Nothing better than a ice cream stick to clean old silicon out of the cover

Valves all good!

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