Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Daytona pads changed

Had a great weekend down in the Mercantour, incredible roads and loads of new tarmac. We stayed in Puget Rostang for 3 nights and did some walking on one day and then we did a great loop taking in the Col Turini, lunch at the top, and then following the Vesubie valley up to st. Martin en Vesubie and then across taking in the Col de Couillure and then down into the les gorges de Cian.

Home on Sunday, with Libby's front tyre completely finished and my brake pads down to the metal on the back.

The bikes got a good clean and the front wheel in preparation for a change and new pads all around on the Dayto. I bought Brembo red pads this time around and they seem pretty good after a brief test ride. (86K kms on the Dayto) (18K on the Street).

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