Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Daytona fork seal

Just for the record really. The right hand side of the Dayto has suffered from a bit of oil misting which I was having problems identifying the source, well last week the fork seal really started to leak, so I think I have found my leak!

Received pyramid seals from Ebay 7.99 pounds plus 4 quid delivery, put the bike on the stands and removed calipers, wheel, mudguard and then loosened all the bolts to enable the fork leg to slide down. Oh and before loosening stuff, I loosened off the fork top.

Because I am a lazy git, I only did the leaky side, and also I was a bit pushed for time, taking the leg a part was a breeze, even removing the screw at the bottom securing the damping rod was no issue, it came straight out. I emptied out about 550 ccs of old oil, so given that the other bits a nd pieces were also covered in oil, it amounts to about 560 ccs (I think the book says 580 of 10 weight oil).
The teflon bushings were both in good useable state, so it just got a good clean up inside and out, and then on with the new seal - bashed down with my very useful Sealey fork oil seal drift!

Filled up the fork leg with 550 ccs of 10 SAE motul fork oil - an interesting aside here is that the factory recommend Showa SS8 oil, now you and I would think that the 8 refers to the weight of the oil, but in fact it doesn't SS8 oil = 10 SAE fork oil. And that leads to another interesting fact, that all forks oils of the same "number" don't necessarily have the same weight. Check out this chart. You can see that the Showa SS8 is nothing like say a Silkolene 10 SAE oil.....

Anyway, fork leg back on everything bolted up, the brake pads are on there last legs another 2K kms and they will be toast. Pain in the neck getting the lower stanchions to line up and get the axle through, but got there in the end.

Quick road test.... derrr the speedo is not working....But the fork seal is fine....

Pulled off the fairing inner that I had removed for better access to the fork leg bolts, and low and behold as I followed the wire up from the front wheel to the first connector, one wire came away in my hands, and then trying to get the connector apart I managed to "remove" another wire....

I suppose at least I hadn't damaged the magnets in the front wheel - they are really expensive to replace, this will just require removing the pins from the female side of the connector  (ho ho) and then resoldering/crimping on the wire further up.

What a pain!

Anyway off to Ledenon this weekend to learn my way around (stage de pilotage with 4G). So hopefully I will take some photos!

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