Friday, 30 October 2015

Seals and bushes

Received the Pyramid kit, and the YSS Fork valve a cheaper version of the racetech goldvalves.
I had never changed bushes before, and it was  a right pain getting the outer bush seated in the lower part of the fork, lot's of bashing about, still they finally went in and then the oil seals and new dust covers were a doddle. In order to fit the PD valves, (dunno what that stands for, but they couldn't really call them "gold valves" could they!), you basically negate the damping effect of the damping rod by drilling some big holes, to allow the oil to circulate freely, then the damping is controlled by a spring loaded shim which sits in the path of the oil. The spring pressure is controlled by a screw, and it's this screw which you can adjust to get varying levels of damping stiffness.

Here is a picture of the damping rods with the holes drilled in them (before and after).
The forks went back on and I fitted the clipons between the top and bottom triple clamps, to make it more racey. I bolted up the gearbox sprocket, and removed the rear wheel for cleaning.

I need to put it back on as the garage is getting cleaned out and a lino floor put down, hopefully banishing the white flecks of paint on everything, I'll take a photo of the new garage floor!

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