Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bike Updates

Just some stuff to ensure I have it written down :-
Serviced the Daytona at the weekend : Oil, filter, Air filter, plugs just past 80K kms now.
Changed the oil and filter on the Street at 15785Kms.

New rear tyres for the Dayto and the Street - Sportsmart II, fitted at Dafy Moto
New front tyre on the FZR 600 fitted at MotoLabo - Pirelli Angel

Stripped the forks and front brakes on the Track FZR, got all the pistons moving again, but need to make a tool to allow me to split the fork uppers from the lowers, on the web the guys use a 24mm nut on the end of a long threaded rod, the 24mm nut fits into the end of the damping rod allowing you to turn the allen screw at the other end.

Went out on the Ducati at the weekend - started second kick (good), although still popping and farting more than it did. It just about holds tickover now, I let Pierre-Luc have a go (at his request), and was able to follow it, and it is blowing a bit of blue smoke, so need to keep an eye on the oil level. Pumped the front tyre up on it, and improved the handling no-end :-) When we stopped Pierre Luc pulled on the tank, grabbing the petrol line and dislodging it from the rear carb, so we spent half an hour trying to push it back on, it just needs to be a few cms. longer.....Lovely colours in the Vercors, and bikes running well.

Still need to look at the RG500 after the weekend at Ales, I think it has seized slightly on Nr. 1 but I need to look.

The winter program is looking something like :

RG500 : Engine, build a carbon airbox

RD350 : Look at slight oil leak (gear change shaft or clutch cover), fix rev. counter
Ducati : Petrol lines (don't worry Chris I'll keep the old ones..), oil and filter change
FZR600 Track : Finish forks, simplify wiring, Race fairing
FZR600 Street : Paint & fit new fairing

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