Monday, 18 November 2013

Keeping Busy

Haven't written much recently, but I have been busy, trying to make space so I can start working on the RG in ernest. After Chris fell off the ducati during his visit, the right hand footrest needed rebrazing back on, and consequently painting, so that was done, and it is now all back together again, the Daytona has had a new front tyre, went for a Dunlop Sportsmart 2 this time around as they were cheaper and supposedly better than the Sportsmart 1 - we'll see, I was amazed that the previous tyre nearly did 10K kms, which is great for a sports tyre.

Jean-Luc's DT125 is still not running well, I cut up an old RD350 air filter, to make it fit the DT, but it starts OK, and then dies after a few seconds. Still some work to do there, I am begining to think it may not be just the carb. being dirty - maybe there is an electrical problem, aswell.... maybe....

The list of stuff to do on the race bikes is coming together :-

Clean out debris from accident remove rotary disk cover from Nr. 3 to see how far the shit got.
Repair fairings
Paint exhausts black
Fit MD pickup and re-adjust timing
On the 350 slacken off the damping on the gold valves (forks) I reckon about 3 turns off should do it!

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