Monday, 25 November 2013

It's getting cold...

Well despite, the 30-50cms of snow in the garden, nothing warms you more than a good old session in the garage!

This time I was removing bits from the RG in preparation for repairing them! The exhausts need a coat of paint, and as I bought some high temperature RESTOM paint, I am impatient to try it!

I bent the footrest holder flat again (wiv a hammer!) and also bent the gearlever back into shape, I turned off the end of the gear change lever so you can't even see it was damaged. I made up a couple of aluminium spacers for the footrest hanger and also one for the gear lever itself that should make it a bit less wobbley. I was quite pleased as I managed to "part-off" the spacers with my lathe, which I hadn't managed to succeed at as yet, a combination of lots of cutting/cooling fluid and regularly removing the tool from the metal to prevent the tool jamming in the metal.

It would appear that the fibre glass dust has penetrated inside the disk cover, and therefore inside the engine, I am not sure if I can be bothered to split the engine cases again, just for some fibre glass dust, I don't think it can be abrasive.... or maybe it is.....

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