Thursday, 10 October 2013

Technical Update

First time out in the garage after Croix. I have received my new TM34 carb from MotoCarb in the UK, about the cheapest in Europe (that I know), and very quick service. There are some differences which are a little worrying - the bellmouth is a slightly different shape, and the needles are different, but in principle I will exchange over all my jets, needles etc.. from the old one so I am hoping there will not be any significant difference. The fuel spigot is a bigger diameter, which means a bigger diameter fuel pipe (good).

I purchased a new ignition controller from Borut which should be compatible with the Dent ignition pickup, I installed it in about 15 mins. mostly plug and play, except the old controller needed a sepearate wire for each coil whereas this one only needs one pair of wires (standard). Hopefully I can test this with the Dent pickup sooner rather than later.
Of course I will need to think about cleaning out he crap in the rotary valves on Cylinder 3 and also think about what to do with the fairing. I picked up some cheap lever replacements in the web, which I'll pick up from the UK in a couple of weeks.

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