Tuesday, 9 February 2010

barrels are on

Well had a relatively stressful start to the rebuild, as things are significantly different. The guys on the French forum are saying I shouldn't be using Motocross pistons as they have a higher percentage of silicium in them and could expand more, they were also moaning about the different shape of the pistons, they have a cut away on the skirt, plus they are less domed which will mean the combustion chamber will be a different shape, and Mark (tuner) Dent has probably had to reshape the heads to account for this..... anyway - it's enough to give sleepless nights.... Oh and the guys from the gamma list were saying that I would probably pull the studs out when tightening the heads as the threads and cylinders are made of cheese.

Anyway as you can see the pistons are on and the barrels back in place, and the pistons go up and down at least! 

Going skiing next week, so if I want to be running in at Ledenon on the 7th March, my days are numbered, I have one weekend left to finish painting the trailer and get the bike running, then I will need to stress about what jets to use...... Speak to you soon.

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