Tuesday, 23 September 2008

RG500 work started!

So... here we go! The fairing, tank, mudguards, indicators, headlamps, oil tank are now in nice cardboard boxes in the loft (If I ever want to sell this thing as anything other than a race bike). The bike actually looks (in my opinion) a lot nicer without the plastic than with, and once the frame was cleaned up - it shines - isn't aluminium lurvely...

I fitted the new Hagon shock which went in surprisingly easily! The expansion chambers are really a work of art (Jolly Moto), and although the previous owner has painted them with some horrible silver paint, they cleaned up OK.

I started work on the engine, draining gearbox oil, plus removing the clutch cover. There are some nasty looking cross head screws under the gearbox sprocket, which have initially not yielded to my electric screwdriver! I need to buy the right sized bit for my impact driver this weekend.

Some questions are coming up :- the choke is handlebar mounted and integrated into the left hand control, which is a shame, because I don't want all the stuff on the clip-on, but I really wanted to keep the choke mounted up there - always handy at the end of the straight when you are missing fuel....

I need to make rearsets, and also if I don't cut down the rear mudguard I will need to fabicate a new one in aluminium sheet.

Plus there are loads of wires hanging around which I don't need but I don't want to ruin the wiring harness....

Anyway that's it for now - next installment after the weekend.

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