Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Next steps

Hi All,
So the season has ended early and hopefully this will give me more time to prepare the RG500 for next year. I am still working on the RD for the coming weeks, as I still have to send an ignition set back to Borut (Zeeltronic) and I wanted to get back to full power. Hence last weekend I installed a new piston and rings in the right hand (seized 2 races back) cylinder. At the same time I have installed some new (ebay) powerjet carbs. The principal of powerjet carbs is to have an additional jet that come into use high in the rev range, allowing you more adjustment in the mid range with the standard main jet, but still giving enough cooling fuel at the top end - I am hoping this will make my bike more reliable especially at the top end. In principal, the power jets are 60 on the left and 65 on the right, so I am starting with 300 main jets both sides (at the top end this should make it Very rich 60 + 300 is 360, and I was running 340's at the last race.

I also spent a rainy weekend simplifying my wiring - I ripped out all the light related stuff and have just left the ignition and generator wiring along with the temp. gauge, neutral switch and the ignition switch. Saved 300 grams in weight :-)
I tried my old zeeltronic boxes and couldn't get them to fail, so I expect I will send the others back, although something funny going on there! My West Country Windings stator has gone back to them for fixing with a suitable letter - I will wait for their reply before slagging them off publicly!

Next thing on the program will be start the RG500 project I want it to look similar to Pascal Mayer's bike as shown above! We will see how it progresses. Speak to you soon.

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