Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Work on the bikes

Keihin unadjustable needles

Keihin Carbs

New plate for chain adjuster in the process....
Have been doing bits and bobs on the bikes since back from SRC. The first priority was to get the road going FZR back running. I got stuck because I couldn't fit the air box with the new carbs on it. I ended butchering a 3HE airbox and finally got it going only to find that it wouldn't run cleanly, it was alright on small throttle openings but wouldn't take any larger openings. Unfortunately the only way forward with those carbs is to buy adjustable needles as the standard Keihin needles don't have any clips - they are fixed. I could of course add shims, but I don't have any either, so it was off with those carbs and back on with the standard carbs and air box, everything went OK except they leaked which meant another strip down and this time added some gasket silicon to the float bowls.
The bike is still a bit fluffy at low rpm due to wear in the emulsion tubes caused by the vibration of the needles. I have purchased new emulsion tubes and needles appropriate to running k&M's and we'll see what that does - should be perfect. The handling is far improved with the shock factory shock although it makes the front feel very bouncy....

Other jobs :- fed up with my wobbly gear lever and he problems st the SRC, so decided to use a spare FZR one in it's place the advantage is that the gear lever pivots around the footrest the same as the RG so I just neede d to run up a new footrest and adapt a tie rod. Yamaha in their wisdom reversed the normal sense of the tie rod as you will know that one end a right hand thread and the other is  a left hand thread, well they put the normal thread at the gearbox end and the other one at the footrest end!

I am also taking the 500 TM34 carbs back to standard to try and get some semblance of mid range, so motocarb is sending me some new needles and emulsion tubes.

I am also in the process of replacing the chain adjuster plates at the end of the swinging arm to enable me to add some nipples to get the stand on easier - I am fed up with trying to fiddle the stand on and then it not supporting the weight of someone trying to start the bike.

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