Monday, 15 May 2017

New Triumph in the shop

A mate wanted me to get his Triumph T120 going again. So I have been busy getting that together. It's in a bit of a state but fortunately the carbs and tank were relatively clean, I put a couple of new filters inline as the old ones were drastically restricting  the flow of petrol also the tank has 2 taps and the right hand one is broken. Now on this model there is a pipe joining the float bowls of the Amal carbs so it should work and sure enough with a new battery and plugs it fired up.

On the chassis side of things, there was worse news, the front disk brake master cylinder was completely seized up, with brown mud like fluid all over... I tried in vain to release the piston from the master cylinder, but in the end I bought a new one complete with lever, if the caliper cleans out OK we should have a brake. The other thing that needed doing was a knackered kickstart, which I had to weld up and in the end we wanted to swap out as well. All new parts ordered from LP Williams in the UK.

The Suzuki just needs the carbs balancing and we'll see if has improved with standard emulsion tubes and needled in the carbs.

I also need to install the K&N filters on the FZR and reject the carbs, so lots to do!

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