Saturday, 21 November 2015

New shock for the FZR

Went for what is now the cheapest after market shock on the market, and by no means the worst, if his reputation is to be believed. 395 Euros delivered, and received within 48 hours! Of course changing the shock is a pain, coz you have to support the bike frame rather than just the swinging arm, so you either need to use a jack on the exhaust headers (don't like this method) or prop the bike frame rails with blocks of wood. Mike at the Shock Factory suggested I take a longer shock to give the rear end a bit more lift as it will predominantly be used on the track.

Anyway got the old one out, which was actually in pretty good nick (at least it was clean), ,then started putting the new one in, it's a much bigger beast, the spring is much bigger, but it went in easilt enough, except half way through the bike fell off it's blocks of wood. Thankfully Libby was just a phone call away, and we got it back up on the blocks!

Also installed the remaining rear steel braided brake lines on the RG and RD.

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