Tuesday, 17 November 2015

First engine start

I thought it was worth starting the engine before investing any money in the track FZR, so I swapped over the battery on the road version, and tried the started motor, which didn't do much, some troubleshooting later revealed that the starter motor relay was not functioning plus there is another relay box which seems to control a number of other circuit also had a broken pin, luckily I had both bits in my parts stash, so they were quickly exchanged, and the starter worked... the engine didn't start first off. I knew there was 12 volts at the coils, so suspected either the pickup or the CDI box, I cleaned up the connectors on the CDI, and removed a plug to test for a spark.

With the plug out a lovely big spark was seen! I put the plug back in and low and behold there was life!

Although the exhaust is pretty quiet the induction noise without the airbox is quite loud. Now I know it works, I will balance the carbs and try and get her running smoothly! I cheated on the video as this was the second start :-)

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