Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Another quick update

The Ducati is now working, turned out that just changing the stator, although slightly changing the problem (i.e. the reg/rec got hot with the new stator), didn't fix the charging issue, I had to buy a reg/rec as well (RR51 Electrexworld) from a French company at the cost of 120 Euros all in. This fixed the problem, I now have a healthy 14.5 volts on the battery with the engine running. I've had it out a couple of times now, and all is well - I even have a generator light on (normal).

I went out with Olly, him on the FZR 600 and me on the Duke, the FZR has stopped leaking oil from the valve cover, so I think I was probably seeing oil dripping from earlier attempts and leaks, so all is well, except Olly said the head still shakes when you let the bars go. I need to check the tightness of the new headset.

I received my engine parts back from ALCO, with the front cylinders rebored to 57.5mms. Larent left a couple of marks lower down the bore otherwise we would've had to change the cylinder sleeves. So last bore on the front. I also got 2 new pistons for the rear cylinders now at 57.0 mms, he also changed all 4 con-rods and outside bearings on both crankshafts - just over a grand (Euros) if you are interested!

I installed the cranks, and put the crankcase half on, but during tightening/torquing I rounded the head on one of the domed allen head bolts that I purchased specifically for the job from Pro-bolt - not happy! Tried everything to remove the bolt to replace it, but in the end had to drill the head off, and remove the crankcase to remove the rest of the bolt... arghhh. Really pissed off with my (expensive bolts) although the guy at probolts says they are only rated at 16nm torque and I was tightening to 23nms, he told me this was written on the packet - which I haven't checked yet. Anyway replaced with the original bolts which although stick into the airflow, at least they are reliable.

Just in the process of putting my pistons in!

More news as soon as it's together - supposed to be going to Ledenon in 2 weeks time, to run it in!

Speak soon.

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