Sunday, 2 March 2014

Crankcase welded

Collected my crankcase from the neighbours. Let's say a strong weld (but not that pretty). Still, Yves also provided the main output bearing, which spent the night in the freezer and was quickly drifted in.

I spent the rest of Saturday morning ordering the other bearings some from Suzuki and a couple from simply bearings in the UK. Surprisingly standard sizes except one end of the primary shaft which is specific and goes for 80 euros! (The  roller bearing).

I spent some time cleaning up the crankcase halves.

I also removed the gold valves from the 350 forks and loosened off the damping adjuster leaving about 5 threads showing. This I am hoping will bring back some of suppleness it had.

Sunday I made up a wheel spacer to replace the speedo drive just coz I can :-) the dimension are ID 20 length 34mms, I made it with a shoulder to give the bearing a bit of weather protection. My biggest drill bit for the lathe is 18mms, so for the first time I used my boring tool, which needed to be mounted really high to fit in the 18mm hole. Worked OK but it left quite a rough surface.

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