Monday, 18 February 2013

Bought a lathe and milling machine...

Well, I have been layed up with a bad back for the last 2 weeks now, and some retail therapy was necessary, so I bought a lathe and milling machine. I have been umming and arrrring for the last couple of months (since the RaceHQ was finished). Everyone telling me to buy a second hand machine from a school or auction, but I really have come to the conclusion that the second hand market for suitable machines, doesn't really exist, or they are really expensive for what you get. So I have been looking around on the web, to see what was in my price range, and could do the job. Everybody also seemed to think that buying a combination machine was a bad idea, so here, I did take the advice and went for 2 seperate units.

I bought these machines :
and this milling machine

As Libby said, if they are crap, then I can resell them easily on the web somewhere, as they don't seem to exist second hand.

From the bike perspective, I have finished changing the oil in the RG500 forks, although I didn't get around to re-installing them yet. Bad news is that one of the valve covers is STILL leaking!!!!!
Gonna have to try some gasket gunk or change my gasket supplier, the ones behind the inner covers were Marinello Engineering ones, but to be fair they seem good quality, and it is leaking past the rubber O'ring, so will add some gasket silicon. Next job is to get the heads off the RG, and change the rings and install the new adjustable ignition pickup which will fully enable me to blow the think up if I desire :-)

Hopefully I will be fully operational, as I have shelves, and a tool board to setup, plus making room for the new machines!

Speak again soon.

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