Monday, 12 March 2012

Technical News

Both bikes started this weekend...phew... always a moment of doubt, after changing quite major stuff on both bikes. I did have a slight mishap with the RG, as I connected the capacitor (battery replacement) up the wrong way around, and even though the bike started OK, it exploded after a couple of minutes.... luckily they have a vent valve, and it blew it's bottom off. THE LINE ON THE CAPACITOR INDICATES THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL. Sorry didn't mean to shout!

I had removed the carbs on the RG, to better seal them, and to add new o'rings, and also added some new exhaust gaskets, I am getting fedup of having a permanently oil covered engine... We'll see how it goes.

On the 350 I finished a new brake lever, and fitted that whilst I am waiting for delivery of a new footrest holder. I have bodged one up for Ledenon, but not really happy as it's only 5mm aluminium plate, and I don't think it is strong enough.
The 350 sounded really crisp with the new carbs, and it almost ticked over with the standard settings. Again I will need to adjust the balance, and then keep a careful eye on the plugs for the first couple of runs at Ledenon next weekend. The 350 looks kind of neat with no airbox, there is just this big whole where the battery and airbox was. I will take a photo next weekend.

I just need to get a new front tyre fitted to the RG, and fit my wet tyres to the spare wheels I have painted up (gold) and then I am set.

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