Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Stuff to do....

Over the winter break, I will be trying to fit the following in :-

Yam :-
Fix it!

So far I have removed the carbs again, cleaned out the power jets, etc... removed Christian's Stator which is definately faulty (CDI coils out of spec.). I have also removed the petrol tap, and filler cap, and dismantled and cleaned everything. I am in the process of rewinding my old "race" stator by hand - having some difficulties here as I am not sure of the number of turns to do. When I removed the old winding I counted about 450, but some were damaged so I have gone for around 470 initially, the resistance is a wee bit high, and I am not sure of the consequences of this.... If my old physics lessons serve me well, then the Power = Resistance X current (squared), which means as I increase the resistance then for the same number of magnetic flux crossings I should produce more power! Now whether this is what cooked my stator in the past is the big question. Maybe I should take off some windings and create less power=heat. 

Anyway the real blocking point at the moment is finding the "insulating tape" to cover the windings with - no-one seems to know where to get it (see photo). I think it is probably a glass fibre based tape (I found some on the 3m web site here :-

But I can't find a local stockists, so I might need to pay a visit back to the place that sold me the wire....

I need to head for the dealine of November 21/22 where Olly and I can go to Ledenon for some of the last training sessions of the year.

Suzuki RG500

So here's the list :-

Modify gearlever so it is more precise - I have too much lever to lift to engage gears.
Dismantle clutch and see if I can do anything about the drag.
Remove heads/Barrels/Pistons/Disk valves and send them to Bob Farnham in the UK for a tune.
Fit ZXR750 radiator.

Thats about it,

progress should be fast!

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