Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Weekend highlights....

Well, back to work after a hectic weekend - I will post some video and photos over the next few days, but for those that just can't wait here are the highlights :-

I ran the "unlimited" series on the RD 350, this race was run with the Classic category. 

Saturday, I came in 5th in Race 1

Sunday, I came in 4th in Race 2

Due to some faster "classic" machines being ahead of me my overall position in Unlimited was 2nd - I got on the Podium (and a cup!) - I was the first RD over the line, and I improved my lap times all weekend - GREAT.

I ran the "post-unlimited" series on the RG 500.

Saturday, I came in around 12th in Race 1

Sunday, I came in around 13th - or 14th in Race 2 after doing some gardening in the grass at the side of the circuit on one bend!

Globally - I had a great weekend! My Dad, and second cousin (I think) came down on their "bikes". Plus we had a visit from Andy & Bev, over from England - so the fan club was at full strength - and the bikes did not dissappoint. 

The 350 ran great all weekend - I didn't even take a plug out all weekend, just filled with premix, the only small problem I had was a progressive loosening of the fairing bracket, which made things move a bit, but nothing terminal. I think (hope) I have finally got to a good base line with the 350. this was running the standard stator, with the Zeeltronic ignition, and nice big 350 main jets. I bought a new tyre because my front was badly split around the side walls, but after consultation with the AVON consultant (Philippe), I decided to run it anyway, so I now have a tyre to spare. I was warned by the marshals that my front fork was diving badly on the brakes, so I need to do some stiffening up there somehow.

The RG500 also ran really well, 1 practise session, 1 timed practise & 2 races, although I will need to improve something to start getting anywhere near the front in the Post unlimiteds. Still for a stock engine - and a first race I am happy! I improved my lap times with the 500 but only by about 1 second (I'll post the exact times later)  over the 350. In the second race, I started having some "moments" with the rear sliding under reacceleration, and this eventually caused me to lose it and go into the grass at one point - it did freak me out for a couple of bends, but I was soon back into the rythm. The brakes are still fantastic, I must be making 30 KPH more down the straight, and I am braking at the same point as with the Yam (handy!). But I am not as efficient with the RG as with the Yam around the bends.

Anyway a full report with some video and photos later today if I get the time. I have already taken the fairing off the Yam to fix the bracket, and the forks are already drained, so plenty to do while waiting for Magny Cours on the 14/14th June.

My times for the weekend were :-

RD 350 Timed practise 1.06.172secs.

RD350 Race 1 = 1.05.892secs

RD350 Race 2 = 1.05.468

RG 500 Time Practise 1.05.436

RG500 Race 1 = 1.04.153secs

RG500 Race 2 = 1.03.959secs

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