Sunday, 24 May 2009

A couple of photos

Hi All,
Steph our photographer took these at the weekend in Croix. Can't wait for Magny Cours!
On the RG, I have removed the carbs, rotary disk covers to complete making the engine reliable - apparently the bakerlite rotary valve covers are lined with bakerlite which becomes fragile and can break off and enter the engine. Well luck I did them when I did, because they seriously needed it (see photo!). If that piece of bakerlite had entered the engine, I would be lookin at a rebore or worse! I will also have to change a disk which is slightly warped (bit like a pingle!), so the bike is awaiting a few parts, but you can admire the shiny new rotary valve covers aswell. I have put on the smallest rear sprocket I have in anticipation of Magny Cours' long straights and fast bends!

On the Yam, I have removed the fairing to discover my home made bracket had got cruched so I am making up another one with solid bar instead of tube - should work if I can weld the two bits together! I have also ordered some heavier gauge fork springs and gold valves to improve the front end on the Yam.

I am out of the country this week, but I will certainly have an update after next weekend.

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