Tuesday, 10 March 2009

7 days and counting

Hi All, a quick update as I haven't taken any pictures as yet. I finished bleeding the brakes, made a bracket to hold the master cylinder reservoir, and another bracket to hold the rear brake master cylinder and the mudguard steady. After much struggling I managed to get 7/8 screws attached on the fairing - it is really a tight fit. I was obliged to remove the lower fairing brackets which means the fairing really wraps around the engine and pipes, which is fine, if it doesn't crack with the vibration of the engine! We will see!

I fitted the expansion chambers with high temperature sealant, and put back in my air filter (yes I will initially run filtered air!), and put back the snorkel tubes.

I plan to run 33:1 petrol/oil mixture, and I made up a couple of litres and filled the tank, which promptly leaked from the petrol tap. I turned over the rubber gasket, and that seemed to fix the leak, so on went the tank.

I had previously charged the battery, and all that was left was to start her up! It took 5 kicks which I was pleased with, the engine sounded nice. The clutch needed some adjustment, but that's normal. The gear lever definately needs playing with, my rearsets are a bit wobbley, and it doesn't give a very precise feel to gearchanges, although it works!

The riding position is much more racey which is good. The Alfano works, temperature, RPM etc.. although the display for the RPM is hardly readable - just figures changing the whole time.... never mind it will do to start with.

Next Sunday I will down at Ledenon for a day, and Libby just told me my Michelin's have just turned up - so I now have some race rubber!

Next Saturday I near to clear out the trailer and see if I can fit both bikes in - I won't leave the RD behind!

Speak soon,


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