Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rearsets and more..

Hi All,
Well the weather has been bad and as the weekends go by, I get guilty at not working on the bike. SO this weekend, I wanted to fit my goodridge brake hoses, make my gear and brake levers and finish fitting the alfano (dashboard).

I was pretty pissed off whan I found they had sent through the wrong hoses, as I had bought them in the UK before Xmas and Ann had to send them over for me (my sister) at additional expense, still the pound is really weak against the Euro, so the money wasn't really important, but the shag and hassle of sending them back was a daunting program, however after a couple of calls through to K300 (where I bought them), it appeared that goodridge were putting up a fight! They insisted that for my bike (GSXR 750K) these were the right model..... Getting well wound up, I had another look, and sure enough they were right! I just hadn't taken off the right bit - seems stupid but hey they could have put some instructions in the box. Anyway I am now happy that I don't have to send them back!

After keeping the rear wheel bearings in the freezer and warming the wheel up in the kitchen, the new bearings slid in nicely although difficult to line up the spacer and I didn't get it spot on, although the wheel turns fine.

Now getting to the levers, Christophe one of Oliver's mates is working as a welder on a site where they are putting up aluminium stairways, he picked me up a bit of scrap 8 mm thick plate, and I got to work with my CNC programming interface (Jigsaw!), and cut out the right shapes.

Take a look at the photos but I will probably need to cut down the gear lever as it looks too long - I am not sure if this will give me an upside down change patterm or not - I really need to think about that. I am having someone on ebay make up a gear rod with right thread one end and a LH thread the other - he's making it in Titanium (ooooh....), and I have sourced a LH thread rose joint from mcgillmotorsports also of ebay - they have a great catalogue of bits!!

Anyway I was quite pleased with the look, pretty basic but hey - home made! Libby made the comment that I should make two sets - I can't think why!

This coming weekend I really need to fit the fairing and start finishing stuff, I need to fix the rear mudguard, fit the front exhausts etc...

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