Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Getting there.....

Over Xmas not a lot has happened. Although I have made a list!! Oliver helped me put the stickers on the fairing which created some issues.... as the paint job on the RG fairing isn't exactly the same shape as the Sheene racebike, plus the paintjob as you can see is not 100% the same! Still it looks pretty good! (I think), although it wouldn't look good parked next to the real thing.

I have also been messing with the GSXR rear wheel to see what it needs to make it fit. The bearing sizes are different as are the axels the GSXR is 20 mms and the RG 17 mms. After much investigation I can get new bearings that have an internal 17mm (RG Axel) and the 47mm external diameter to fit the GSXR wheel. The spacer between the two wheel bearings may have to be made up, as it needs to precisely butt up to the inside parts of the bearings to allow the wheel to be tightened correctly, if I am lucky the one in the RG wheel may fit (?). In order to get the correct chain alignment I am using the RG sprocket carrier which seems to fit, and on the left hand side I am using the spacer from the RG, but on the right hand side I am using the caliper carrier from the GSXR, along with the spacer from the GSXR, this makes a perfect fit, although I will be mounting the brake caliper at the bottom of the disk rather than the top (as originally placed) mainly because the torque bar will only connect to the caliper at the bottom.

I'll take some photos of this when it's finished. I put both the wheels in the shop to remove the wheel bearings. I have sourced the bearings and I will pick them up tomorrow.

I have also bought an Alfano Pro Version 2, which you can look at here
this will replace my dash board, and give me rpm, temperature gauge, and automatic lap timing via a magnetic impulse sent via a trackside unit - these are common on all French tracks. The advantage of this is a) Space (with the GSXR fork I can't leave the original), and b) I don't need someone with a stopwatch at the side of the track.

Also, I have ordered new goodritch brake hoses for the front brakes, and finally I found some really nice footrests which integrate a bearing surface to suit my home made gear and brake levers... phew.... Oh and I managed to find a black seat on ebay, plus I bought some fairing screws and nylon washers whilst in the UK for Xmas.

The club AGM is on the 17th of January, so I will know the dates of the races in a couple of weeks - I can't wait!

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