Friday, 6 July 2018

Triumph T120 and counting

Olivier just gave me the registration document and it's a T120, registered in January 1974, this was just at the period when the Triumph employees went on strike (sit in) and virtually zero motorcycles were produced in 1974, so this one is probably a US export version from 1973, and finally bought back through Switzerland where Olivier purchased it.

Apparently there are no colour codes as such for Triumph paint, and differences in design point to the liberty of each painter to change (within reason) the different designs of paint, we have decided to go with the Cherokee red paint and cold white scallops. As there are no codes we will try and match the colours from photos and to be honest as long as the job is a good one I don't care (and neither does my customer). The engine is out now exit left side, although it will be a challenge to get it back in without scratching something. I will probably protect the frame rails with tube insulation or something similar.

The frame has a couple of broken brackets which I will need to weld before it goes off to get painted, unfortunately the welder just broke so I am waiting for it to come back. I am going to setup the sand blaster in the kids house in the garden to blast the tank and frame in preparation.

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