Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Road trip 2

Well it's pissing down today so a late start is in order, and it gives me a chance to update you on my travels.

Yesterday I left Perpignan in the rain. I took the N116 which although being a faster "A" type road it ends up climbing into the Pyrenees at Font Romeu which is a ski resort, if I am not mistaken I think I went over a pass at over 1700 metres!

After that you are in Spain. The N-260 was the initial road of choice, and although starting off in the valley straights and wide, you get to see all colours of roads. Once it starts into the hills it is fantastic, the Spanish are not good at building constant radius bends, they just follow the lie of the land resulting in some surprising rollercoaster roads, absolutely bringing a smile to my face, oh and I took off the waterproofs after about 90 mins into the journey. I took some photos but nothing really can describe the changing colours and the light over the mountains. I stopped for a late lunch in Jaca. 16 euros for a 3 course posh dinner with coffee and dessert wine (which I didn't drink - sober October). Looking at the map I should just about make it back over into France for a hotel. Unfortunately I got lost in some very small single track roads, and it took me ages to find the border, by this time the wets were back on and I turned up in St. Jean Pied de Port at around 20:00. Luckily the first hotel had a room, so pizza and bed! A long but great day marred by dropping my phone and smashing the screen!

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