Saturday, 30 September 2017


Pierre-Luc and I went to Ledenon with my 3 bikes (350, 500 & 600). The 500 worked OK, but later on the Saturday it wasn't great, so took the 350 out for a couple of runs.

On the Sunday I tried the 500 for the first run, but even in the cool morning it wasn't going well, so went back to the 350 and PL on the FZR. We swapped over for a couple of runs, the 600 is really good fun and easy to drive.

No break downs or crashes, so a good weekend. Once home found a leak on the pickup again, which probably leaked because of using non petrol resistant silicon sealer (at Paul Ricard), also discovered a leak from one of the petrol connections, so that's all been fixed! Should be good to go for Ales next month!

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