Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Troubleshooting the RG 500

Finished putting the FZR 600 back together, and started looking in ernest at the RG. Initially Nr. 1 was not sparking, and when I removed the plug from Nr. 2 they both started sparking and you could see that Nr. 1 was alot weaker than Nr. 2. I cleaned the coil connections, plugs and other electrical connections and put the plugs back in, and bingo - it started on all 4, I had the front exhausts off at the time, and boy does it make a noise! Oh forgot to mention that on Nr. 2 the carb. slide was abnormally high on tickover, I lowered it - that is very strange as I definately balanced the carbs before Ledenon, maybe it moved with vibration....??

Anyway the conclusion is that Nr. 2 was flooding, and Nr. 1 was not starting due to a bad connection of some type, either plug or .....

Anyway the thing is once again working, and I now just need to balance the carbs, and get the fairing back on. Looks like we will be going to Paul Ricard with both the FZR 600 and the RG 500.

Just a note to say the FZR just has plain water cooling it now, I may add a fin to protect the chain as this was an obligation for racing, but I can't find any technical specifications for the parade laps at the Sunday Ride Classic.

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