Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Building another bike

Made the most of Chris being down to change out the engine on the spare FZR. The one I got for 200 euros had mayonnaise in the engine so I wanted to swap it out with the spare engine I got with the running bike - clear?

The 2 engines are slightly different.  The newer engine (mayonnaise), has no seperate oil cooler and therefore the oil and associated water plumbing are different.

The engine went in OK, with the carbs from the newer bike and the stator and pickup from the newer bike.

Now I either have to adapt the newer oil (screw on) filter to the old engine, or buy an oil cooler on the newer system, there os a coolant circuit that flows through the oil filter fixing plate, which means Yamaha could save money by removing the oil cooler. Unfortunately it's not an easy retrofit,  it will require machining to the newer plate. Hmmm will see if I can find a second hand cooler.

Second hand (60 euros) for an oil cooler, a bit expensive all the same, but simpler if I can sort out the plumbing.

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