Monday, 29 June 2015

Long time no write

Well, after my "stage de pilotage" had to strip down the engine to see what had gone wrong (again). Well this time, it would appear as if one of the thrust washers on cylinder 2 had gone walkies, and killed the piston and at the same time blocked the roatry disk shearing the disk into 2 pieces.

When I was cleaning it out, I also came across a piece of bearing cage in cylinder 4, which had lightly damaged the 4th piston. I think the moral of all this is that carbon is an extremely abrasive substance, and when the carbon disks are eaten by the engine, then a change of bearings is required!

The front head, two cylinders, and both crankshafts headed up to ALCO (Laurent Badie) to see if the cylinder could be rebored and saved or whether I need a new sleeve, in any case good job we are not going on holiday this summer, coz this is going to be expensive.

In the meantime, I have been sorting out the FZR600 so that it goes a bit better, so far it has had a good service, and last weekend I balanced the carbs. which made a significant improvement to the engine running just off idle, now much easier to pull away. What is left to do is check out the front end - I think there must be a wheel bearing or headstock bearings that are gone, as it feels real funny at the front.

The 350 has been treated to some wheels from a later model which are lighter, and so I had to turn up some front wheel spacers and also fit different bearings, a new set of AVON racing tyres and we are ready to go!

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