Monday, 13 April 2015

Fixed at last nearly....

So a bit frustrating really, my electrical problem turned out to be the stator! And I tried that at the circuit as well!

Borut (Zeeltronic) sent me a troubleshooting tree, which really helped.
My bike was failing on the chargin PCDI step - only generating approx. 25 volts instead of 150V.
When I replace the stator with an old one, I immediately obtained the 150V, so a new stator has been ordered from Electrexworld. This despite the resistances of the ignition charging coils measuring within specification.

Anyway at least I should be able to get it fixed within the next week or so.

In the mean time, my decal set finally arrived from the UK - over 3 weeks to get it, so I have started fitting the stickers to the fairings, and they look pretty good. I will need to get all the fairings on the bike to ensure they line up correctly.

While I was in the garage, I also changed a leaky fork seal on the 350, which was a bit of a pain, as the lower bush pulled through the upper one when I pulled out the stanchion, so I now need to refit that, plus the seals that I had in my tool box, were actually 38mm and not 35mm as I thought, so I will need to go to the shop today and buy some 35mm fork seals, and while I am there I need 2 new wheel bearings for my nearly finished wheels for the 350 (6301 12x37x12) - hope they have them!

The girls were complaining about the height of the gear lever on the 350 and on the FZR, so an adjustment was made on the FZR, but the 350 needed the rod shortening and threading, so it took a bit longer than planned.

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