Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cleaning and reassembley

Nice having a couple of weeks at home over Xmas. Not much snow, none left in the garden!

Well the crankshafts removed and cleaned through with petrol and then oiled up with two stroke oil. A pain in the neck to clean of the gasket cement from last time.

Replace the cranks and line them up with the flywheel. Paint on some new gasket cement trying to avoid the cranks (!). Then fit the top case. No problems, although I seem to have an additional short bolt. The short ones fit inside the cylinders and are blind holes so it's important to get it right. Anyway it would seem I had made a mistake on my previous reassembley and sure enough I find a long bolt spare. Hmmmm shoot the mechanic!

Got new circlips coming so will have to wait until Christmas eve to fit pistons and the rest.

All the best for Xmas and the new year.

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