Friday, 3 May 2013

Daytona - Rear end strip

So there are two classic problems on early Daytonas. The first is that the factory were trying to save time and didn't grease the rear hub sufficiently well, inducing some seized rear wheel bearings. The second was negelecting to grease the rear suspension linkages, again this leads to premature wear of the bearings and bearing surfaces.

As the weekend and the May day holiday were forecast bad weather, I thought it would be a good idea to strip the rear end of the Dayto and make sure that my bike was not affected.

Removing the rear linkage bolts was also difficult, so I left overnight after soaking them in penetrating oil. Oliver held the bike whilst I operated the wrench with extension bar, and they gave in the fight relatively easily. In order to remove the bolts and hence the suspension sleeves (axels), you have to support the swinging arm, which was easily done with a spare paddock stand propping up hub. A swift tap with a mallet had the rearest linkage apart (the one that goes thru' the shock bottom).

The right hand bearing was very notchy and the sleeve was quite marked, the left hand bearing and sleeve was in fine working order. Removing the next one connecting the drop link to the drag link, was also easy to remove, and again this time the right bearing was difficult to move and the right hand side of the sleeve was knackered.

I thought about just replacing the bearings as they are cheap, and then I got sensible and decided to order the bearings and sleeves.

Both linkage bearings are in the same position relative to the rear wheel, but the left ones are protected somewhat by the swinging arm, maybe that's why they wear first....

Anyway I have ordered the bearings on Ebay 20x26x20 needle bearings, and I have ordered the sleeves as in the photos from World of Triumph in the UK, we'll have to wait to fit them.

In the mean time in order to drift the old bearings out i will need to remove the rear linkage from the bike, which means I will need to move the exhaust headers, not looking forwar dto this as typically the header bolts are well rusty, and you can strip the heads - if you are not careful!

Stay tuned.

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