Sunday, 6 November 2011


Well, it's now 4 weeks since my accident and I am no longer wearing a sling, and my physiotherapist says I should now start to muscle up the shoulder. I have pretty much complete mobility although still some pain. I will be left with a bump on the shoulder where the collar bone became disconnected from the shoulder, apparently they won't operate on that unless there is a particular reason, which for the moment I don't have.

Although I haven't been driving (until this last week), I have been working from home, and at the same time helping Pierre-Luc change the engine on his Triumph Thunderbird! We found an engine in Wales, and had it shipped down to Grenoble, and have fitted it. It started up pretty much first time last Saturday! So now I once again have some space to start working on my bikes. The Yam, needs a new right hand footrest, brake lever, plus the fairing needs straightening out. I have received some VM 34 carbs, which will be added this winter, oh and I need to get a new battery, as my expensive LiFo went missing during the accident.

So far the fairing is off, the carbs are off and I am messing with the footrest to see what I can build.

I still need to buy some new leathers, although I will try to get the old ones fixed. They cut through the zips and up the arms and across the chest to get my arm out, so I am not sure a fix will be possible. I am looking at different makes of leathers, and I am zooming in on either Dainese (shop in Grenoble), Furygan which are French, and Gimoto which is Italien, but they do a web based made to measure service which looks good, although expensive. I did try to buy some tax free leathers in Andorra, however they only stock "Spannish market" leathers which do not have a cotton lining which is obligatory in France!

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