Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Technical Update

Hi All,
A very quick update before the Magny Cours weekend. One of the listers on the RG 500 mailing list had a problem with his exhaust valves not opening correctly due to a missing gasket on the exhaust valve external cover, and I had omitted one of the gasket's on mine last time I took the cylinders off. Unfortunately you need to remove the cylinder or unbolt the engine mounts to take the forward exhaust valve cover (actually the bit under the cover) off. Instead of doing this, I just made up a gasket out of an old coffee box, and split it with scissors, you can actually loosen the cover, and then slide the gasket in position without doing all the rest....

We will see if it leaks!
I also changed the rear sprocket to a 39 to give me some more speed as Magny cours is much faster than Croix-en-Ternois. I also rebalanced my carbs as the cables seemed a little loose on number one cylinder.  I will be travelling up on Thursday evening to participate in the Friday morning practise.

Bad news for Pau and Le Mans. I have had to cancel going to Pau on the July 9/10th weekend due to house moving, and unfortunately ProClassic have been kicked out of Le Mans on the 23/24 th July. I am trying to reserve a spot in the VMA races (at Le Mans) for the same weekend, otherwise no racing until September!!!

Speak after the weekend.

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