Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well, my bits finally made it to England, although I had some issues with the UK post which means I will not be taking the RG to Pau, but I am motivated because the 350 has been running well, and the circuit is quite tight, and will suit the 350 well.

It will be my first time at Pau on the 350, so gearing etc.. will be trial and error.

For the 500 Performance fab. will be adding some weld to the head in order to bring it back to perfect condition, and honing the barrel, machining the new piston (to fit the thrust washers), and cutting down a new rotary disk, stuff should be ready next week sometime, and then I will have the summer lay off to get it ready for the last couple of weekends of the season.

I have ordered some new goodridge brake hoses for the 350 , which haven't yet arrived. The scrutineers at MagnyCours had a go at my brakes, as the splitter is below the bottom yoke - this is not allowed (goodness knows why!), so I have ordered a 2 brake line system going straight from the master cylinder to the calipers.

I will be having a go at making a new alternator cover in carbon weave in a couple of weeks, I have bought a carbon starter kit(!), so I will need to make a mold of the alternator cover will glass fibre and then use that to make a new cover - the idea behind this is to make a "customer cover" that will allow my bigger carbs to fit on - more news on that later.

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