Saturday, 29 May 2010

technical Update

Well, I have changed lots of parts on the RG. The stator is new, the plug leads, plug caps, the SAEC Motor and controller are new (second hand), and finally I have removed the battery.

And... well the bike seems to be working OK, and the exhaust valve is opening, so will have to wait and see at Nogaro next weekend to give a final result!

I have put back the carb trunks, to ensure I am too rich next weekend, as Nogaro has a long WOT (wide open throttle) straight and I don't want to seize!

As can be see in the photos, the Suzuki coils, are not meant to have the cables changed, so I have had to hold the new cables in with some silicon sealant, this will also help keep the water out.

I have also modified my twist grip to make it more fast action. I simpley cut up a piece of old plumbing plastic tube and stuck it to the twistgrip - this has increased the diameter of the twist and should give a faster action.

In between times, I changed the ignition pickup on the 350, and it has made an incredible difference. The bike flies now....!!! I also adjusted the air screws which ended up at 2 turns out for both, which gives me a nice pickup off idle, and I have re found the power I have had earlier this year. I must work on the clutch to stop it slipping....

I did the air screw adjustment on the Suzuki as well, and left them at 1 turn out each carb.

Hopefully all is now ready for Nogaro next weekend.

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